About Ashishveda

A little bit about Ashishveda and Ayurvedic medicine.

Integrative and Functional Medicine

Ayurveda**, Western Herbs, Yoga, Meditation 

Organic herbs & oils used and recommended (as much as possible);  helps to promote vegetarian/vegan diet, lifestyle & medicine

** Ayurveda (meaning life-knowledge) or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of Hindu traditional medicine native to the Indian subcontinent. Practices derived from Ayurvedic traditions are a type of alternative medicine. Ayurveda is a discipline of the upaveda or “auxiliary knowledge” in Vedic tradition. There are various legendary accounts of the origin of Ayurveda, e.g., that it was received by Dhanvantari (or Divodasa) from Brahma. Ayurvedic practices include the use of herbal medicines, mineral or metal supplementation (rasa shastra), surgical techniques, opium, and application of oil by massages.


3 thoughts on “About Ashishveda

  1. baljit says:

    Dear Ashish, I am interested in a few of the treatments you have detailed. I have had various digestive ailments for many years and am now going through a never ending menopause, anaemia etc

    Is it ok to have an email address so that I may be able to go into a bit more detail and find out a time I might be able to see you ?

    Many thanks

  2. Jaylakshmy says:

    I am a dietitian by profession.I belong to a family of traditional Ayurvedic medical practitioners, who practice Ayurveda since generations.I have a collection of invaluable
    books and manuscripts with unique formulae, developed by my family through more than 50 years of research.
    Some of these unique formulae include, treatment of cancer without radiotherapy, treatment of kidney failure without dialysis, oral medicine for rabid dog bite, rheumatic heart disease, psoriasis, kidney stone, hepatitis, peptic ulcer, treatment for AIDS, snake bite ,chaitanya chikitsa (anti aging) and many more.
    I am actually looking out for potential researchers or manufacturers who can develop these formulae, so that they are not lost. If you might be interested in developing these formulae as per international standards, I extend my cooperation and am willing to discuss the details of treatment. I am ready to reveal the know-how of my formulae to genuinely interested product developers.
    I found information regarding you from facebook and assumed that you would be interested. I also have a collection of many rare reference books and manuscripts, Ayurvedic medical journals etc., most of them, more than a century old.

    The books and manuscripts belong to my late grandfather Dr V .R. Velappan.He was the royal physician of the Maharaja of Ramnad, which is now part of Tamil Nadu ,India.

    These unique formulae can be of great use as they are not available in any other books.

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