Ayurvedic food; healthy, nutritious and above all very DELICIOUS!

ayurvedic cookingAccording to Ayurveda, everything on this world is composed of five elements: air, water, fire, earth and space. These elements combine together to form the three doshas; vata, kapha and pitta, and these account for the differences in the way our body responds to different things.

When the balance between these three constituents is lost, a person gets ill. Here Ayurvedic recipes come to the cure. Ayurveda always advocates eating food according to the three doshas of body- Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Although, Ayurveda does not prohibit non vegetarian food, it is always better to have a pure vegetarian diet. Ayurvedic recipes help us to detoxify the human body. It incorporates mostly herbs, vegetables and fruits and plenty of water in the diet. Ayurveda is a very vast and ancient medical science. Unlike other medical sciences, instead of focusing on treatment of any particular disease, Ayurveda focuses more on theā€¦

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