FAQs – The Treatments

How do practitioners make diagnoses and decide upon treatments?

Most westerners are familiar with visiting a healthcare provider when we feel ill. The provider diagnoses the sickness and determines what caused it. The same medicines, procedures, and doses are often used for multiple people battling the same illness.

An Ayurvedic diagnosis, and subsequent treatments, differ from this Western process in that the diagnosis is made not only on the disease level (called roga), but also on the patient level (called rogi). The exhaustive examination helps the Ayurvedic practitioner not only diagnose the disorder, but individualise or tailor treatments for each patient.

To make a diagnosis, the Ayurvedic practitioner uses a method called rogi-roga pareeksha, which combines disease analysis with deep examination of each individual.

A practitioner examining a patient considers the whole human being, believing that people have within them the required energy to bring the body back to a healthy, or balanced, state.

So instead of focusing on Weeks-Ayurveda-Nova treatment or medicine to heal the illness, the Ayurvedic practitioner concentrates on the techniques that will strengthen the healthy elements inherent in every body, which will in turn help the individual to recover and the body to call upon its own energy to heal. According to Ayurveda, diseases are due to a doshic imbalance. Determining the patient’s dosha, and then identifying the root cause of the disease, requires precise training.

What are some Ayurvedic treatments?

The Ayurvedic practitioner has a wide array of treatments and therapies at his/her disposal. Practitioners may include a variety of treatments in an individual’s dincharya (daily recommended routine) and ritucharya (seasonal routine).

Each therapy is designed on an individual basis according to your constitutional needs. This includes pure essential oils and Dosha specific Ayurvedic massage oils. High quality certified organic, traditional formulas are used. Oils are selected according to the season, as well as the nature of any imbalances (i.e we can cater to joint pain, skin conditions, etc.). Before each therapy a short Ayurvedic assessment will take place.