Pranayama & Yoga


Pranayama is breathing in various special ways. And we know breathing is life.

Yoga is to unite within. Yoga is to unite body-mind-spirit for a holistic being. Yoga is also a practice of various body movements to make body supple and strong.

At Ashishveda, Pranayama & Yoga is recommended to all patients.

You can choose from one-to-one yoga session or attend our group sessions.

Dr Ashish offers Pranayama & Yoga class every sunday morning at Lopping Hall, 189 Loughton High Road, IG10 4LF This is a beginners class and open to all including kids.

2 thoughts on “Pranayama & Yoga

  1. Ashishveda says:

    Dear Deepa
    Pranayama and Yoga is 9-10am every sunday, Lopping Hall, Loughton IG10. It is a beginners class and mixed abilities. Feel free to call me on 07779711615 for further discussion.
    Thank you for your inquiry.

  2. Deepa says:

    Hello Dr. Ashish.

    I would like to know timings and cost to your pranayam and yoga classes on Sunday morning. And Im very overweight.

    Many thanks

    Deepa Joshi

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