I recently underwent a series of Shirodhara treatments with Dr Ashish Paul before undergoing my last treatment of IVF. Having many failed attempts before I was especially nervous and trying to get ‘my head in to gear’. One of the main reasons IVF can fail is due to stress and I was literally about to give up.

I didn’t know much about Ayurvedic Medicine, apart that it is and has been practiced in India for more than 5,000 years, Ayurvedic tradition says that illness is a state of imbalance among the body’s systems that can be detected through such diagnostic procedures as reading the pulse and observing the tongue. Nutrition counselling, massage, natural medications, meditation, and other treatments are used to address a broad spectrum of ailments.

I had read up on it and thought i’d give it a shot what was to lose?? A dear friend recommended me to Dr Ashish Paul, a well-respected Ayurvedic consultant near to where I lived.

I met with Dr Ashish who was so warm and inviting I immediately felt relaxed and hopeful. We had a very long chat and eye-opening consultation. I was asked to complete a Dosha Form (would suggest completing one even if you don’t need IVF, gets the brain thinking about your lifestyle…) and then some short tests. It was then suggested that I undergo a treatment called Shirodhara.

Shirodhara is highly recommended for people experiencing stress and anxiety because it soothes the nervous system which is responsible for interpreting internal and external stressors. It also helps improve sleep, breathing, concentration, memory, clarity, circulation and removes toxins. When you are trying to improve your wellbeing and state of mind nothing changes without first changing sleep and breathing patterns, this is why this therapy is so essential.

My first experience with Shirodhara was amazing. Dr Ashish explained the benefits and traditional techniques in as much detail as I needed which enhanced the experience and took away any trepidation. After the treatment I truly felt relaxed and centred, the dripping/tapping oil sensation was just so lovely and I felt like i was walking on cloud 9″. I had three treatments in all and then proceeded with my IVF treatment.

I am delighted to say I am now a mother of 3 beautiful children (all children conceived separately via IVF) and i’m in no doubt at least some of this success was down to my treatment with Dr Ashish.

forever in your debt.

JB x