I am 32 and as far I can remember, I have disabilitating periods (nausea, cramps, breast pain 2 days before, and in very bad months I collapse). I have tried different medicine, but nothing changed.
I met Ashish and we had an appointment where she gave me some recommendation. I was really surprised by how simple it was, but I was so desperate so followed what she said and did it. Eat my main meal at lunch around noon, take a bath with salt and oil twice a week, everyday self-massage with oil according to my dosha, take daily plants and supplements, massage my belly during the period with certain oil, and relax even for 2 minutes a day.
It was so nice; everything product were available over the counter. Also she recommended that I get a massage weekly, but I prefer to have 3 massages with her the 3 days before my periods.
After two months, my periods where less painful, I took I dose of medication instead several does over several days. After 4 months, I took no medication at all. The period discomfort was manageable, not painful, as long as I slow down.  
The main learning from Ayurveda and Ashish is to take small self-care actions regularly (daily, weekly) and slow down during my periods.
Now I am still in the process to bring my body back to balance, my full body and I love it.