Dr Ashish Paul


I live near London, where I have been living for the past 17 years. I commute frequently to Geneva and India but spend most of my time in London to treat clients at our Harley Street clinic. I have a private office and treatment room in Chigwell, Essex.

Before coming up with the creation of Ashishveda I have been mainly studying and bringing up my two children.    I began my practice using mainly western herbs for treatments rather than Ayurveda whereas now I am totally immersed in Ayurveda, because Ayurveda offers a complete system for the benefit of the patient.

Making the transition began when I began to used my knowledge from having developed a keen interest in health and wellbeing over many years.   I  officially launched in 2004 and I started offering treatments in London a few days a week and have been struggling ever since to keep up with the demand!

This year I made the decision to move the majority of my work to London and travel less to Geneva and India enabling me to have time off with my family.

Ayurvedic medicine has been an evolving adventure with on-going training, development and the testing various of techniques to find what I felt to be of the most beneficial to people who were suffering from either physical or emotional stress.

I continue to fine tune Ashishveda and promote the business here on my new website and with regular social media and PR but a lot of my work is simply via word of mouth, once people come and see me they feel a difference and I have regular clients from all  across Europe including Switzerland and a clinic in India.

I believe in what I do, I am passionate about Ashishveda and I love watching the results and transformations of my clients take place.

I plan to take Ashishveda worldwide and I really hope you will join me!

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One thought on “Dr Ashish Paul

  1. abdullah ahmed says:

    I need to reschedule my appointment from yesterday which was at 1.45. Please I meed to book again. Thanks

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